Sunday, January 31, 2010


I am going to do a 5K.

I met up with a few of my girlfriends after the gym today and one of them told me that next month, she's taking me out on the Rail Trail and we're going to run 3 miles. That started this whole conversation about running a 5K and we decided that we're all going to run the Race for Racism on April 24th.

That gives me three months to train for a 5K. Is that feasible?

I plan on following the Couch to 5K for the most part, then add on some speed training at the end since at my current pace, 30 minutes of running is only 2 miles.

I'm thinking that this will give me a mini-goal in training for the Megatransect in October. By the time I conquer the 5K, it should be warm enough to start conquering the mountains.

I'm just nervous about devoting three days a week to solely training for the 5K. Monday nights are Zumba, as well as Saturday mornings. I love my elliptical, so I need to find a good balance between resistance training for the Mega and training for the 5K. I can do this.

In other news, I made a very bad decision today. Tomorrow is the first day of the Biggest Loser at my school. I decided that today, I was going to eat whatever I wanted in hopes that the result of one day of damage would be a higher weight tomorrow on the first weigh-in and a catch up the rest of the week. I had a crab pretzel for lunch and have felt like I need to be within a 5 foot radius of the bathroom since 3 PM. Bad call, Heather, bad call.

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