Wednesday, January 6, 2010


OH. MY. GOD. My workouts have been kicking my ass. In a good way, of course, but also in that.. "Self, don't you DARE ever go that long without working out again!" kind of way. I've been doing the eliptical every night this week because I feel like I get a better workout and more variety on it... every night, it's been a struggle to stay on. I want to give up about midway through my workout and the last five minutes are unbearable. Dare I even mention the horror of the cooldown?

Went to the doctor yesterday about the lump on my leg. It's either a fatty tumor or a blood clot, so I have to have an ultrasound on Friday. I'm hoping whatever it is, it doesn't mean I'm off my feet. It actually makes me more motivated to workout and eat well because it's possible that my weight caused either one of them.. :\ My first health problem related to weight. Great.

I'm weighing myself in on Sundays now. I think this will keep me motivated over the weekend. If the weather is decent, I'm planning on taking Lucy to the Rail Trail for a long walk.. but we'll see. It's been about 30-degrees out and WINDY as all get out all week, so it's not looking good.

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