Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I need a day off. When I started down the street for my 6:30 walk with Lucy this morning, I noticed my quads were crying and my ankles were whining more than usual. I just got back from the gym and my quads are still unhappy. I'm going to go tomorrow night and kill it, then take Friday night off and maybe do some yoga or pilates at home.

I have anxiety about taking a day off, though. I've done so well with making myself go that I'm worried that NOT going will set me into a tailspin of bad decisions.

In other news, I'm ordering dinner out tonight because I'm craving Wendy's chili. I'm getting it WITHOUT the tortilla strips and ranch dressing and replacing those with low-fat sour cream, a few baked tortilla chips, and LOADS of fresh pico de gallo that's sitting in my refrigerator. I'm calculating it at around 550 calories, which, considering what I've eaten today, is PERFECT. The salad itself is 440 with sour cream and chili included.

I've never been so excited about eating Wendy's, lol.


  1. Good plan... I like it when you can make a craving fit into your plan.

  2. It's awesome. I was dying for cheese fries awhile ago, so I got steak fries, fat free cheddar cheese, fat free ranch dressing & fat free sour cream, and baked them in the oven. It hit the spot! :)