Friday, January 22, 2010

Mix up.

Soooo.. I was supposed to have my follow-up about my leg with my doctor today at 4 PM. Appointment card says, "Fri Jan 22 4 PM." I get there, check-in, and they're like, "You're scheduled for Tuesday." So, why does my card say Friday? I'm so irritated. I decided to take tonight off from the gym and working out to give my legs a rest, thinking it made sense since I had an appointment at 4 PM anyway. I was planning on Zumba and a long walk with Lucy or on the treadmill depending on the weather. Now, I feel like I have wasted my night. So mad. :(

I have an appointment on Tuesday night, which really throws me off now. I'm hoping I'm in and out so I can walk Lucy, hit the gym, and then head home for dinner.

Part of my love of working out and eating right is that it's methodical. It's a plan. It's a pattern. I hate when that schedule is thrown off. My girlfriends invited me to go to the ESPN Zone in Baltimore on Sunday and I'm torn about whether I want to go or not because I don't want to sabotage my diet and it's not in the schedule.

I feel so OCD, lol.

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