Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cowpoke Casserole

Mm.. right now, I'm making Cowpoke Casserole for me & the boy. It's pretty much like baking chili in the oven with cornbread on top of it. However, I've tricked him and I made it with ground chicken instead of ground beef, and skim milk. I sat here and figured out the calorie count for the entire dish while I'm waiting for it to bake.. in the entire pan, there are about 1,811 calories. So, if we each eat 1/4 of it, it's only about 453 calories/serving. (I burned more than that at the gym today!) For me, that's not too bad for a yummy homecooked meal! Especially comfort food.

If anyone would like the recipe, let me know & I'll post it! :)

I did well today with the Chuck e Cheese's birthday party & the beer tour. I had two thin pieces of cheese pizza this morning, but I did drink a few cups of diet Coke. I don't crave Diet Coke like I used to, so it's like a treat when I do drink it. (But it doesn't really taste as good as I thought it used to..) I did have a lick of Brooke's icing from her cake, just for the sweetness of it. (I'm not a cake fan, so turning that cake down meant nothing to me.) I didn't have ANY beer at Troeg's, but Matt and I did buy a "beer brownie" to split for dessert tonight.

I weigh-in tomorrow. I stepped on the scale after the gym today and was pretty pleased. If I see a loss of at least 3 tomorrow, I'll be happy. 4 would make me even happier... good-bye 210s!

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