Monday, November 30, 2009


I was home for Thanksgiving from Wednesday evening until Sunday night. I made some poor, poor decisions.. but I also had some successes.

The Ugly:
* Taco Bell for dinner Tuesday night.
* GORGED myself on dinner last night.
* Chocolate milkshake and fries on the way home last night.
* Didn't get as much activity in as I had planned.
* Ate too much fried food.. bleh.
* Too much regular Pepsi.

The Good:
* Only ate ONE plate at Thanksgiving dinner & left some scraps on that plate as well.
* Went for two three-mile walks with the fam.
* Shopped all day on Friday, so I was at least somewhat active.
* Went to the movies and did not get popcorn.

This week is a new week. I've already been to the gym today and I love how much happier my body feels when I'm getting some good, quality exercise in. I'm going to do my best to do the best that I can within these next three weeks!

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