Sunday, November 1, 2009


I went home this weekend for Mom and Abbie's birthdays. I knew I was putting myself up against a LOT of temptation, but I didn't think I'd do as bad as I did.. :\ I was so stressed Thursday night about not being able to make it to the gym for the whole weekend that I really thought I would do well.. BUUUUT.. no.

Friday night I went out to dinner w/ Matt's parents.. had a glass of wine, 4 pieces of ciabatta bread with spinach dip, a chicken bruschetta sandwich and french fries. To my credit, I only ate about 1/4 of the french fries and then asked the waitress to take them from me. Went to a friend's party, ate buffalo chicken dip, Goobers, and something else junky. Got home, ate more buffalo chicken dip that mom had made and drank Pepsi. GRR.

Saturday, went to Friday's for lunch. Shared fried green beans and spinach dip with the fam.. had Jack Daniel's chicken and shrimp for lunch. Only ate the shrimp and french fries, saved the chicken breast and mashed potatoes for lunch/dinner tomorrow. (Still have them!) Could have ordered healthier sides.. but.. :\ At least I did it in moderation. Dessert, had 1/2 Oreo Madness. At home, ate MORE shit.. had a ton of Halloween candy and buffalo chicken dip and a piece of birthday cake.

Today I did a little better.. had McDonalds for breakfast.. an egg mcmuffin and hashbrown AFTER I had already eaten a bowl of Apple Jacks and some leftover buffalo chicken dip. Had a venison hot dog and a hamburger (no bun) and a scoop of macaroni salad for lunch.. and a piece of boston cream pie.

Small success of the weekend? 1 - Did not stop for fast food on the way home. 2- Stopped at Ruby Tuesday last night to visit and did not eat anything. 3 - Did not stop for fast food on the way back.

Went for a walk on Rails to Trails with mom and dad and the dogs today which turned into a hike. I seriously get anxiety when I walk with them because I know it's going to turn into a damn hike everytime.. Today we took the dogs to get some water from a stream and mom looks up to this massive hill and says, "Hey, we should climb up there and see where it goes." HERE WE GO.. I actually made it up without getting as winded or as tired as I thought I would! Those incline workouts on the treadmill must be doing something good! It was a great feeling.

The hike today really inspired me to do my best and work till I'm dripping sweat this week. This entry itself inspired me to do REALLY well this week and to NOT have another entry like this when I get back next time I go home. Which is actually Thanksgiving.. that should be the biggest challenge I've faced this far.

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