Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yesterday's log:

Breakfast: two wholegrain waffles, one with 1 tbsp. low-fat peanut butter
Lunch: Apple slices, low-fat homemade macaroni and cheese
Snack: Cup of coffee with powdered creamer and Equal
Dinner: XL diet Cherry Coke, soft pretzel, celery & carrot slices with ranch
Snack: two onion rings, picked at a few fries, & a pint of Miller Lite

Exercise: two short walks with Lucy

I don't feel too bad about the onion rings & fries last night at The Vault because I had a lot of calories left to spare at the end of the day, but I still shouldn't have eaten the fried food that late at night. If I'm going to go to a bar to visit with friends, I gotta cut back on the beer as well.. there's no law that says I NEED to drink if I'm at a bar.

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