Friday, November 20, 2009



-12 total


I did SO much better this week.
I upped my vegetable and fruit intake.
I watched my portions.
I did not eat out during the week.
I did not drink during the week.
I went to the gym everyday.
I really busted my ass at the gym everyday.
I did elliptical workouts at 10+ resistance.
I can feel my fitness level increasing.
I'm not SO winded anymore.
I tried on a pair of knee-high boots at Target (not at a PLUS-size store) and they fit over my calves! They were snug, but they went up!

I kept snacking on the onion pretzels I made. (Loaded with butter.)
I went out to eat three times over the weekend.

I am very, VERY nervous about this next week with it being Thanksgiving and not being in York by my gym. I'm going to have to rely on will-power and motivation to get my ass out and moving and watch what I'm eating.
I drank half a bottle of wine on Sunday.
I didn't get any exercise in on the weekend except for walking Lucy.

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