Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Love letter to my body #1

I went to the gym last night in a bad mood.. rough day with kids, irritated at friends. I decided to kick it into high gear and I dug out the "death intervals" workout I found on the web awhile ago. The last time I did it, I couldn't go above 3.5 mph and did my runs at 5 mph. This time, I followed the regimen almost exactly as it was... 3.5 mph at 2% interval increases every 30 seconds, recovery, 5 mph sprint, recovery, 4.5 mph at 2% interval increases every 30 seconds. Then I had to do a 3.2 mph recovery instead of a 3.5, but I did the two 6 mph one-minute sprints! I couldn't do the 5 mph intervals, so I dropped back to 3.5 mph. My chest was tight and I was wheezing, but my god, I did it. I did 3/4 of the entire program!

After I wrapped up, I did 8 minutes at 15% incline, trying to build up my incline endurance. (Is that even a thing?) I'd like to do that for an hour sometime this weekend. I try to do that, then drop it down to a negative, down-hill incline, then back up to prepare myself for the hike next year.

I really am amazed at how my physical abilities are changing. That's more motivating than actually seeing the weight come off.

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