Friday, February 12, 2010


Starting weight: 222
Last week's weight: 199

This week's weight: 195

This week's loss: -4
Total loss: -27

Not bad for only going to the gym once this week! I really regulated what I ate. I made sure to eat just like I was at school because that's what works best for me. I did some good indoor workouts and made sure to get Lucy out in the snow as much as I could. I kicked my BUTT yesterday once I finally ventured out to the gym. I had myself convinced that I wasn't going because I had spent over an hour shoveling myself out. Around 2, I was going stir crazy, so I decided to bundle up and make the trek to the gym. Roads were clear! So I did 45 minutes on the eliptical (burned a good 500 calories), and then I did the 30-minute circuit. Felt SO good.

I'm home for the weekend. This is the first time I've been home since Christmas.. I've lost 25 pounds since then. Isn't that insane? I'm taking a Zumba class tomorrow with my sister and I'll be able to get out a lot because my family's really active. I'll be checking the scale the morning after I get home to see how I fared!

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