Sunday, February 7, 2010


Starting weight: 222
Last week's weight: 200

This week's weight: 199

This week's loss: -1
Total loss: -23

Okay. It's a loss and it puts me out of the 200's, but really? ONE pound? Ugh.

1. Completed first week of Couch to 5K.
2. Got in a 3 mile indoor walk yesterday during the crazy snowstorm (Leslie Sansone)
3. I'm OUT of the 200's!
4. It was a loss.

1. Having a hard time keeping myself from snacking.
2. Did not have STRONG workouts like I should have.
3. Small loss.

I need to bump up my workouts this week. I have an easy week as far as school goes, so I'm going to try to stick with 45 minute workouts each night this week. We have a two-hour delay tomorrow morning, so I'm planning on doing the two mile WATP workout when I get up, plus a walk with Lucy. Unless we're closed, I'll have Zumba at 3:30 as well. I'm going to do strength training when I get home from Zumba, plus another Lucy walk.

I will be weighing in on Friday this week because I'm going home to my parents' right after school Friday afternoon. I'm planning on getting some hikes in and some runs with Mom. I haven't been home since I got serious about losing and getting fit after Christmas, so I'm hoping I can control myself with the food and the laziness.

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